EclairSend has very clear and transparent pay-per-use prices:
no license fees and free uploads.

In addition, we offer a 10-day free storage zone to keep your files on your EclairSend “Desk”. Also, until April 30th 2019, take advantage of our special launch offer with up to 5TB of free storage on your library!

Service Unit Rates (1) (5)
Upload & Deliveries
Upload GB Free
Third party download link invitation GB 0,29€
From ProRes HQ or XDCAM (2) to XDCAM Min/Pgm 1,00€
From ProRes HQ, H.264 or XDCAM (2) to H.264 Min/Pgm 0,40€
Temporary storage
10-day storage zone (3) GB Free
Store up to 500 GB per month (4) Monthly plan 15€
Store up to 1,5 TB per month (4) Monthly plan 45€
Store up to 3 TB per month (4) Monthly plan 90€
Store up to 5 TB per month (4) Monthly plan 125€
Store up to 10 TB per month (4) Monthly plan 240€
Store up to 20 TB per month (4) Monthly plan 460€

(1) Without VAT
(2) Restricted to the following frame rates : 23,98, 25 & 29,97 fps (frames per second)
(3) On EclairSend Desk
(4) Special launch offer: free until April 30th, 2019
(5) Pricing in euro is applied in all countries but UK and the USA. For UK and the USA, please click here to see our pricing in GBP and in USD.

Min/Pgm = Minute of program
GB = GigaBytes
TB = TeraBytes


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