Digital suite

A world of digital applications available to all!

Innovation has been in ECLAIR’s DNA since 1907. For decades, ECLAIR has played a central role in the industry and built an exceptional expertise.
Today, ECLAIR has decided to use the power of digital technologies to benefit all.
Simply, quickly and with maximum security.

The ECLAIR DIGITAL SUITE was born of a simple idea: to meet each need of the Film & TV industry from a customer perspective. And to give power to customers.

For each category of need, we are building a specific application, with all our applications interconnected to provide the best user experience.



EclairSend is our first application and others will be available shortly!

Our goal is simple: to help the Film and TV industry move forward and help other industries find perfect solutions to manage their content.
With this DIGITAL SUITE, we are proud to write a new page of ECLAIR’s history.


EclairScreener is an easy means of sharing your content in a highly-secure environment.

Launch: Coming soon



EclairStore allows content owners to manage any type of contract deal and secure the delivery of the corresponding material to their clients.

Launch: Coming soon


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